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Chin Architect Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

 Sabah Architect
Office Architecture:
Design and construct a cost-efficient multi-
purpose structure within the confined space of a small site. It copmrises a fully-fledged
...See More...
This Pre-Fabricated V-House has a bathroom, one bedroom and veranda. See more..
 greenbuildingindex prefab house
This Pre-Fabricated A-House has a bathroom, one bedroom, kitchen and veranda. See more...
   Residential Architecture
This bungalow is situated in an upper- class suburb of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. To create a house that is open to the outside while... See More...
            green building

Hill Slope Design. Of the 0.5 acres, less than 25% is flat, while the rest is on a 1:3 slope. The aim was to conserve both the natural vegetation and maintain an uninterrupted
view... See More...

 interior design

The Hyatt Regency Hotel was one of the first high-class hotels to be built in Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah, Malaysia. See More...
  asia architect
KKIP comprises the design and construction 139 units of comfortable, 3-bedroom and bungalow-style housing design, together with... See More...
 architectural building design
Our Conceptual Sketch of a 20 Storey Apartment with 4 Storey of Shopping Mall at Sepanggar, Sabah, Malaysia...
See More...
  restaurant design
Our client engaged our services to convert a vacant shop lot into an attractive modern restaurant, on a fixed budget. See More...  beach resort designThis house sits on a hill overlooking a beautiful secluded beach at Kuala Penyu, about 500km south of Sabah's capital, Kota Kinabalu.
See More...            

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CHIN ARCHITECT is a first-class architect. In building CHIN ARCHITECT's projects, I have become aware of his acute artistic sense and a practical, functional design that are part of CHIN ARCHITECT's make-up. His care to detail is brilliant and his sensitivity to a client's needs, including budget, is ever-present.  I would highly recommend CHIN ARCHITECT, and I look forward to teaming with him on my next projects.
– Mr. Chua Soon Ping, Property Developer, Quantity Surveyor

CHIN ARCHITECT bestowed both creativity and practical design to our project... integrity, promptness, expertise and value likewise. He has a great knowledge and expertise of his area and he has accomplished a vast body of work. We would strongly and unequivocally recommend CHIN ARCHITECT.
Mr. John Ho, Director, Company Secretary

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